I have a 4 year old! (Tons of pictures 📸 and a video 📽 from his Birthday Party!)

It is hard to believe that I already have a 4 year-old. It is no joke when people tells you they grow way too fast and that you need to enjoy the little moments to the fullest. It’s almost bittersweet to see how fast time goes by. But at the same time I feel so blessed of witnessing what he is becoming: a persevering, happy, outgoing, and empathetic little boy. I care more than ever to live in the present, to being present. Last month we celebrated 4 years of happiness and love. We celebrated the life of the sweetest boy I could have ever dream. Continue reading “I have a 4 year old! (Tons of pictures 📸 and a video 📽 from his Birthday Party!)”

Niagara & Toronto! All the pictures from our trip!

It’s no secret that we love summer and try to make the most out of it. We also love road trips! So on Father’s Day, my husband and I impulsively decided to go on a road trip to Niagara and Toronto. Since my parents are in town, they joined us on this trip. Here I’ll be sharing a gazillion photos from our weekend! 🙂 We departed on Friday afternoon and came back on Monday. My husband had to leave earlier (on Sunday) due to work commitments. The road trip was long, but we took turns driving on our way back and made a few rest stops along the way. This was our first time in both, Niagara and Toronto. One of my best friends knows both cities and gave us great suggestions of things to do. Continue reading “Niagara & Toronto! All the pictures from our trip!”