Our Trip to Ireland! Part V (with our trip in a Nutshell)

Phew! What a long sequence of posts from Ireland! Welcome to my last post of an amazing, memorable and highly recommended trip! 🙂


Here I mentioned our arrival to the cutest boutique hotel in Limerick:  No. 1 Pery Square Boutique Hotel. This hotel is full of charm, a true gem in the heart of the city. Unfortunately, we only stayed 1 night… I wasn’t ready to leave that little piece of heaven! But off we went to King John’s Castle, a place where history comes to life with an array of great exhibits and activities.

A park next to the hotel
King John’s Castle

Panoramic view of Limerick from the castle
Enjoying his Irish Tour Bus at the castle’s cafe

Cliffs of Moher

After our visit to King John’s Castle we drove to one of the most iconic and beautiful places in Ireland… the Cliffs of Moher! This natural attraction is a “must-see”! This was the most spectacular coastal walk we had. We didn’t dare to get close to the cliff’s edge. But we saw people who did it for a picture, in spite of the many warning signs and memorial for those who lost their lives at the Cliffs. It is very windy, the edge is unstable and you are at the top of a really high cliff! So we highly advise to pay attention to those warnings.

Aran Islands

On our last day to explore Ireland, we visited the island of Inis Mór, (Inishmore), which is the largest of 3 limestone islands that make up the Aran Islands. Once we got to the island, we took a horse carriage tour. Our rider was very friendly and willing to stop at our request (for pictures). In one of the stops we spotted seals swimming near the coast. Needless to say, our son was very excited to spot them and started yelling “Foca!!!” (which means ‘seal’ in Spanish). 🙂

Getting there…

We hiked all the way up to the prehistoric cliff top fort Dún Aonghasa. My husband did it with our son sitting on his shoulders. Way to go, dad! 😉

On our way back to our hotel in Galway, we drove by Kylemore AbbeyUnfortunately the gates were already closed, but got to see the Abbey from the street.

Happy boy after our dinner!

As I said before, Ireland is a family friendly destination. This trip was a priceless investment to offer new and exciting experiences to our son and to create lasting memories as a family. There is so much to do and see in Ireland. The memories from this trip is something that we cherish and will treasure forever!

Our trip to Ireland in a Nutshell

Itinerary with places to stay:

Car Rental:


Month of our trip:


What we pack:

  • Stroller with rain cover
  • Car seat: while you can rent car seats from most car rentals, we always prefer to bring our own
  • Raincoats! We got lucky and didn’t get any rain at the beginning of our trip, but raincoats in Ireland is a must!
  • Umbrella
  • Comfortable shoes
  • External battery for cell phones
  • Fodor’s travel guide
  • WiFi Hotspot: super handy to drive around using cell phone GPS, apps and browsers
  • Camera with extra battery, charger, and memory cards
  • 12V multi-plug adapter charger: to charge multiple devices in the car
  • Backpack with snacks, water, hand-towels, diapers, toys for our little guy, etc.
  • Small First-Aid kit
  • Clothing to dress in layers for sudden weather changes

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  1. Qué maravillosos tus posts sobre el viaje! Los leí todos, y me encantaron tus comentarios, fotos y sugerencias! Irlanda está en mi lista y cuando vaya usaré tus recomendaciones! Un abrazo

    1. Qué bueno! Me alegra mucho que te hayan gustado! Gracias por dejarme saber! 🙂 Y sí, tienes que ir a Irlanda. Te va a encantar, es bello y la gente es bien hospitalaria! Un abrazo para ti también!

  2. Great posts on Ireland, looks like an amazing family trip! Your recommendations on what you packed were helpful. Beautiful photos, I hope we get to take some just as pretty 🙂

    1. Hello Alice! Thank you for your message. Yes, it was a great family trip! I’m very glad to know you found the posts helpful. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful and safe trip!!! 😉

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