I have a 4 year old! (Tons of pictures πŸ“Έ and a video πŸ“½ from his Birthday Party!)

It is hard to believe that I already have a 4 year-old. It is no joke when people tells you they grow way too fast and that you need to enjoy the little moments to the fullest. It’s almost bittersweet to see how fast time goes by. But at the same time I feel so blessed of witnessing what he is becoming: a persevering, happy, outgoing, and empathetic little boy. I care more than ever to live in the present, to being present. Last month we celebrated 4 years of happiness and love. We celebrated the life of the sweetest boy I could have ever dream.

We threw an Octonauts themed party at our house. We discovered these cartoons about a year ago through my nephew and our son loved them. His birthday is a very special day for us and we always make an effort to make it memorable and fun. These cartoons are about Β a team of undersea explorers. So we decorated everything with this theme, however, for entertainment we hired a magician that we saw performing a couple of years ago at a farm and wowed us with his magic and comedy! The magician (David Hall) was very entertaining for children and adults and would highly recommend him. His tricks were really good and left us trying to figure them out without much success… πŸ˜†

It was such a heartwarming experience to see the excitement of our son and his little cousins and friends during the entire party. Β Now that he is older, it is the cutest thing to see how happy he gets over his birthday celebration. He asked me everyday how many days were left for his party and always kept saying that he couldn’t wait for his birthday! The day after the partyΒ we woke up asking if his birthday was over πŸ™ … but we kept on doing other little celebrations through the weekend.

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  1. What an amazing party! Our daughter turned 4 this year too. I love that you had a magician!

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