I have a 4 year old! (Tons of pictures 📸 and a video 📽 from his Birthday Party!)

It is hard to believe that I already have a 4 year-old. It is no joke when people tells you they grow way too fast and that you need to enjoy the little moments to the fullest. It’s almost bittersweet to see how fast time goes by. But at the same time I feel so blessed of witnessing what he is becoming: a persevering, happy, outgoing, and empathetic little boy. I care more than ever to live in the present, to being present. Last month we celebrated 4 years of happiness and love. We celebrated the life of the sweetest boy I could have ever dream. Continue reading “I have a 4 year old! (Tons of pictures 📸 and a video 📽 from his Birthday Party!)”

Father’s Day 2017

I still have more to share on our trip to Ireland, but wanted to take a break from it to share our Father’s Day celebration! I’m very fortunate to have my parents in town, and since my brother and I live only 5 minutes away from each other, I got to celebrate the most important 3 men in my life: my dad, my husband and my brother. We planned an afternoon picnic at The Bradley Estate, just about 25 min south of Boston. It is our second time here and it never disappoints. This beautiful country estate has a garden and farm that people can enjoy from sunrise to sunset. They even do tours of the estate’s interior. Continue reading “Father’s Day 2017”