Our Trip to Ireland! Part IV

Dingle Peninsula

The day we visited the peninsula was a bit rainy and sometimes foggy. We drove around the peninsula and made a few stops along the way to enjoy the views. Yes! Even on a rainy day the views on the scenic route were absolutely beautiful! I can only imagine how amazing the route must be on a sunny day.

The best (and cutest) driver! ๐Ÿ˜‰

My sweet boy!
A stop along our route
Kisses for mama!
Delicious lunch at O’Carroll’s Cove Beach Bar & Seafood Restaurant


We ended our day with a stroll around the small town of Kenmare. This is a charming little town with specialty shops ideal to make a rest stop for lunch. I enjoyed seeing all the shops, our son really enjoyed getting Kinder surprise eggs, since those are not sold in the US. He spent so much time playing with the surprises in the eggs or the eggs itself, definitely kept him busy and entertained. In fact, Kinder surprise eggs along with his echo experience in the Gap of Dunloe (here) and riding on shuttle buses without a car seat, were some of his favorite experiences in Ireland! ๐Ÿ™‚

Opening a Kinder surprise egg

Last Morning at Loch Lein Hotel

Last morning at Loch Lein Hotel in Killarney… our home for the past 3 days of our trip
Last morning in Loch Lein Hotel in Killarney
Last morning in Loch Lein Hotel in Killarney

Fahanย Beehive Hutsย of Dingle

Once we left Killarney, we drove to Adare. On our way there, we came across a pre-historic site and decided to stop and see it. It made a nice rest stop and the views from the site were also a big plus.ย 

The view from the parking
The view a bit further down the street
Inside the site


Adare is such a charming town! As soon as we got there we purchased our tickets for a tour in the castle.ย 

Desmond Castle, Adare

Inside the castle (our son is pretending to be asleep ๐Ÿ˜† )

After touring the castle, we had an early dinner at The Blue Door restaurant, set in a charming typical cottage of the area dating back to the early 1830’s!

The Blue Door Restaurant
A historic thatched cottage in Adare

Before leaving Adare, we did the riverside walk and saw a different angle of the castle.

That night, after leaving Adare, we arrived at an amazing boutique hotel in Limerick. I absolutely loved that hotel but wish we could have stayed longer. Soon I’ll be posting my last blog on our trip to Ireland. Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚